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Sarah is a 32-year-old woman residing in Aarhus and have a background in fashion design. For as long as she can remember, she have had a desire to express herself creatively, and it is where she find my inner peace and feel most comfortable. After the birth of her daughter in the fall of 2022 and a subsequent diagnosis of PTSD and a period of illness, she picked up her brushes and spatulas again after several years of pause. She needed to rediscover herself. 

The many years in the fashion industry with thousands of different fabrics in her hands inspired her to combine her two great passions. The tranquility that comes from sitting and working on an artwork is now what she strive to recreate and convey. The soft forms that textiles create when they crinkle, fold, and glide over a canvas are, for her, the greatest source of inspiration. Textiles can evoke so many impressions. For example, snuggling into freshly washed bedding, which, for her, is one of the best sensory experiences in everyday life. Can that feeling be captured on a canvas? She made it real.

Sarah has the aim of not only creating wall art but also expanding the concept to include different types and forms of art in the future. She dreams of collaborations with artists across the industry and have many goals and ambitions for the future. No two of our art pieces are the same since everything is handmade, allowing the materials to move as they please. Additionally, all artworks are numbered and signed. All canvases and frames are locally produced in Aarhus because it is important to her to support small businesses in the local community.

"BIG MINI CLAY 37" 24 CM x 30 CM / 2024 DENMARK

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